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Grace and Grant competed in Congressional Debate together at Eagan High School in Minnesota. They both had a very similar experience with Congress- classist barriers that gave students advantages that they did not have. A clear example is prestigious tournaments that have high costs of travel, entry, and housing. These tournaments give students with money more experience in Congressional debate, predominantly with other students who have more money and more experience than the rest of us. Not all, but many of these students harness their skills by attending camps with elite staff. The staff is ridiculous- NSDA champs left and right, TOC champs, 30+ year coaches, and more. The only catch is that it can cost literally thousands of dollars round trip, meaning the same affluent students who attend expensive tournaments get the best coaching, thus widening the classist gap and bolstering the issue.

That’s unfair. 

Which brings us to today. Impact Institute aims to dismantle the classist barriers that exist in Congressional Debate by offering free, top of the line, virtual resources for any and all students who wish to work with us.

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