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We are a very independently run camp, with both Head Coordinators being college students.

Donations are by no means required, and 100% of all donations will go to the reimbursement for funds invested. Donations get funneled directly to paying our gracious staff for providing exceptional, not subpar, resources. The entirety of this space is independently funded out of pocket.

We ask that, if you use our resources as an addition to the extravagant resources of which you already have access, you please consider donating to materially make Congress more equitable.

There is absolutely 0 profit derived from this project in any context.

We are currently only accepting donations through the means of Venmo and Paypal.

Please title all transactions with something that mentions us- your support is unconditionally appreciated!

Venmo: Grant-Davis-59

Paypal: ImpactInstitute123

Donations: Image
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